Apture : Collaborative Media Tool

In my quest to search new tools to facilitate the process of Learning much more interactive, today i have discovered a fairly amazing tool for both educators, bloggers and learners alike. I am not sure how many bloggers are already using it or how many elearning professionals are already aware of it, the fact that it allows search for variety of media without having the need to leave the site is unique. In my view, it is going to be the next big thing in Social Media World.

5 thoughts on “Apture : Collaborative Media Tool

  1. Ruchi – Certainly tools like Apture are here to re-define the way we've been using internet.

    Apture when combined with a few others like Zemanta , Amplify.com and Sidebar wiki for example are really going to take things to the next level.


  2. hi Ruchi, this is a great resource!! I keep my blog very low key but with your advices and posts, I am going to make it high-tech like yours, love your posts, very informative!!
    thanks a receive a warm hug from San Diego California


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