IIM-C EPHRM Program begins !

I applied for IIM-C Executive Program in Human Resource Management . Yippie, i got selected. The competition was tough. This program is meant for working professionals . Only total of 100+ professionals were selected from the total pool of 500 + candidates . The selection was basis academic profile,statement of purpose, and achievements . Next year onwards, there will be a CAT like examination as entrance test.

The program will be delivered via Satellite technology in partnership with Hughes.
Yesterday was the first day for Orientation and technical briefing. We got a virtual tour of IIM-C campus / auditorium .

Most of the features are of live virtual classroom are same as Centra and Elluminate, so it was pretty easy to participate. Candidates were jubilant as we all were excited about being part of IIM , one of the most prestigious management schools in India/ Asia Pacific.

Thanks to proliferation to Social networking sites,we, participants decided to quickly form a Linkedin group to stay connected with each other throughout the program.
Next class is briefing session by Program Director from IIM-C. Look forward to exciting journey .

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