Innovation in Learning Delivery will Deliver ( Performance) !

1. There is tilted focus on Learning when rewards are based on Performance & Right Behaviors ( Competencies) .
2. In that context, Learning that Delivers ( Performance)& builds competencies becomes more valuable .
3. For Performance Improvement ( a subset of Performance Management ) to occur , we need to focus on building Organizational Capabilities through Consulting , Design , Delivery and these 3 arms have to continuously talk to each other . And loop in feedback from each other.
4. For Learning to Deliver ( Performance) & Competencies to gain centre stage of conducting business , the processes associated with Delivery of Learning have to keep pace with innovation & changes which happen in business environment, change in workforce dynamics , marketplace . L&D processes ( consulting, design,delivery) have to become less complex and more cost effective.
5. New Models in Delivery of Learning would create opportunities for new measurements systems, systems that capture KPIs ,Metrics , Lead indicators.
6. Do we need to shift focus to taking Learning to worker instead of bringing knowledge worker to Learning environment , does ir make a better business sense ? Learner styles & preferences can offer more insights into better design .
7. Doesn’t Aha moments happen when knowledge worker is at work embedded in work context, talking to colleagues, clients, seniors, coaches rather than in a workshop/ classroom/ death by powerpoint / environment. ?

How many times you have experienced Aha moments in a Learning environment ( classroom or otherwise )? please share your stories of Aha moments & experience …

Art & Science

“How often people speak of art and science as though they were two entirely different things, with no interconnection. An artist is emotional, they think, and uses only his intuition; he sees all at once and has no need of reason. A scientist is cold, they think, and uses only his reason; he argues carefully step by step, and needs no imagination. That is all wrong. The true artist is quite rational as well as imaginative and knows what he is doing; if he does not, his art suffers. The true scientist is quite imaginative as well as rational, and sometimes leaps to solutions where reason can follow only slowly; if he does not, his science suffers.”

-Isaac Asimov

Learning Organization

Peter Senge must be very happy with the growth and proliferation of Social Media and social networking platforms. After all , the gentleman pioneered the concept of Learning Organization decades back in 1994

Let me take this concept of Learning organization to next level.

To my mind, in future the word organization would be replaced by word “Networks “.Let me highlight Key characteristics of Learning networks

1. Mashup of people with diverse skills, experience, competencies and capabilities
2. Woven into a matrix to solve key business issues / challenges on real time basis.
3. Real time Flow of information & valuable content embedded in context.
4. Co creating and consuming value together to achieve aligned business goals and objectives
5. Enabling participation and contribution and transparency on solid foundation of systems thinking.
6. Powered by Analytics for meaningful callouts, opportunity areas, insights to make it an iterative process.

Thoughts on my mind …..

1 . Leadership is all about building bridges and not burning them.

2. One big shift social media will have on corporate sector is to democratize it.

3. Innovation in delivery of ” Services ” would be the key to competitive advantage .

4. Organizations would need to understand social media and build organizational capabilities to take full advantage for success in new economy. Digitization is the new buzz word.

5 .True Innovation is most likely to come from ” start ups ” in near future, this is what I anticipate.

I would appreciate views and counter views from readers , I believe that is the only way to learn better.

Letter to Mentee 2.0

My Dear Mentee 2.0 ,

It was such a delightful moment when you chose me as a mentor. Instantly, i was in a new role and felt elevated . This is the hallmark of great people. They make other people feel great. In all its entirety, mentoring is so far one of the most humbling experience. One learns as much as a mentor just like a mentee. There is something special about this Mentor- Mentee relationship. Both explore together that new possibilities exist or can be created together.
You are doing the right stuff. Keep inspiring people for adopting Social Software . Keep collecting stories. You will be on your way to write a book too. Build your original thoughts. Start with blog/ journal. Think beyond what is available. How connected Leadership benefits individual & organization as a whole. Learn more about folksonomies, What impact organization E2.0 capabilities has on bottom line or top line ? Does it contribute to engagement factor in an organization ? Start exploring for your research . How E2.0 effects organizational behavior ? Observe and experience. In my experience, E20 is a moving target, keep setting new goals for yourself and simply share, interested folks will tag along with you & collaborate to accelerate the change.

Last but not least, Use your imagination for imagination is more powerful than knowledge.

Yours truly !!!

Digital Thoughts !

1. No man ever listened himself out of a job. As a step 1, participate in Social Computing as an active listener .

2. Start small , move some of your work activities which require maximum collaboration to online social spaces.

3. Build digital eminence.

4. Invest time first and derive value later.Like real world relationships, in any social networking platform , it takes time to build online relationships.Be genuine, be caring. Start with how you can contribute to your network .Grow your network through influence.

5. Share your expertise, experience and insights and learn from your Social network .

6. Social Computing is by design a Q2 activity. ( Not urgent but important activity ) , refer to Stephen Covey time management matrix. Effective people like to spend time in Q2 quadrant, which is the quadrant of effectiveness.

7. Begin with end in mind. Stay focused on your goals. Collaborate and Socially network for a reason.

8. Digital eminence is the currency you build today to en cash in future.

9. Remember KISS formula. Keep it simple , stupid. Don’t spread yourself too thin trying to be omnipresent on all social networks. Plan what works for you.

10. Wish everyone in my present and future network a Happy Social Computing journey ! Stay networked , Stay Happy !

Succintly Social

It is about

1. Deep Rooted Philosophy
2. Culture, Values
3. Transparent
4. Open
5. Collaborative
6. Networks and Relationships
7. User Generated Content , Emergent , Digitization
8. Word of Mouth Publicity
9. Listening, Engaging, Sharing
10. Co-Learning , Co-Creating, CO-nsuming , Co-inventing, Co-innovating, Co-mmunity.

If your product, service, campaign, initiative, program has above features then you are leveraging the Social space . There are variety of Web 2.0 platforms which amplifies and scale up these conversations .However, The best of breed / web is yet to emerge.