Innovation in Learning Delivery will Deliver ( Performance) !

1. There is tilted focus on Learning when rewards are based on Performance & Right Behaviors ( Competencies) .
2. In that context, Learning that Delivers ( Performance)& builds competencies becomes more valuable .
3. For Performance Improvement ( a subset of Performance Management ) to occur , we need to focus on building Organizational Capabilities through Consulting , Design , Delivery and these 3 arms have to continuously talk to each other . And loop in feedback from each other.
4. For Learning to Deliver ( Performance) & Competencies to gain centre stage of conducting business , the processes associated with Delivery of Learning have to keep pace with innovation & changes which happen in business environment, change in workforce dynamics , marketplace . L&D processes ( consulting, design,delivery) have to become less complex and more cost effective.
5. New Models in Delivery of Learning would create opportunities for new measurements systems, systems that capture KPIs ,Metrics , Lead indicators.
6. Do we need to shift focus to taking Learning to worker instead of bringing knowledge worker to Learning environment , does ir make a better business sense ? Learner styles & preferences can offer more insights into better design .
7. Doesn’t Aha moments happen when knowledge worker is at work embedded in work context, talking to colleagues, clients, seniors, coaches rather than in a workshop/ classroom/ death by powerpoint / environment. ?

How many times you have experienced Aha moments in a Learning environment ( classroom or otherwise )? please share your stories of Aha moments & experience …

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