What I am still learning…..

1. Catch ’em young. (Newcomers )

2. Learn how to fish ( What we won’t teach you but expect you to learn )

3. The Art ~ not to loose sight of “People Equation ” while managing business

4. The perpetual debate ~ Great Managers /Leaders are born or made ? Fit versus Flexibility approach

5. Plenty of opportunities ~ ~ Globally connected people’s economy
key skill required ~ Imagination

6. Let’s talk beyond compensation – what motivates ~ Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose ( Daniel Pink’s video on Ted Talk – surprising truth about motivation )

7. Chuck the 3 year 5 year Career plan .Allow room for new experiences, improvisation and serendipity .

8. Belongingness ? ~ Join communities of interest to stay current on an industry

9. Mantra for success – Don’t be shy to ask for help , Volunteer to share your expertise , Help a newbie Succeed, Professional giveback .

10. Leaders are not afraid to follow. Be both a follower & a Leader.


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