Future of Work

1. US Debt = 16 trillion dollars ?

2. Euro Zone Crisis has wordwide impact

3. Greece in Trouble

4. Economic growth propelled by BRICs countries – China, India, Africa , Russia

4. The world is increasinly becoming  flat and interconnected

5. Business World is Social , Social is the Business World.

6. Future of Work is impacted by technology.

6. Business Conversations have shifted to Social Networking Platforms   with much scope for Big data Analytics

7. Influence is measured by the Expertise one shares in Social Ecosystem

8. Blogging as one of the ways to unlock Career Opportunities  at IBM  ?  Sacha Chua found her job at IBM via blogging

9. Leaders ( Harriet Pearson, Cihef Privacy Officer)  ( Virgina Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, IBM India )  & IBM experts have embarced “Open” platforms . IBM CEO (Ginni Rometty) said Hello to IBM via Lotus connections .

10. Numerous Choices to wear multiple hats – To be an Active Listener, LifeLongLearner, Contributor, Leader and Follower all at same time

11. Digital Influence = Expertise , Authenticitiy, Transparency, Trust , Identity

12. A business imperative that  Gen Y & Millenials learn from wisdom & Insights  of Baby Boomers  leaving the workforce  ?

13. I participate in HRTech Chat  to learn and stay updated . Also, I made new  friends from HR Industry . Could HR Tech be the solution – SmartPhone/ Blackberry/ Iphone/ Ipad Apps  to engage Digital Natives  & address multi gen workforce challenges

14. Increasingly, I anticipate HR to play integrator role – To integrate People, Process & Technology. I am glad I get to live Future of Work at IBM as Luis Suarez mentions in his blog – Once a BlueIQer, always a BlueIQer.     🙂

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