23 Questions for a Startup

1. What is the current business strategy and model of the firm ?
2. What is working well ?
3. What are the current challenges in operations  ?
4. What do clients of the client appreciate about the firm ?
5. What are the signature strengths of the startup  ?
6. Does it have robust portfolio of products / services to sell in the market ?
7. How does marketplace changes affect the business strategy ?
8. Is there a need to make changes in the organization as business shift to being more connected organizations ?
9. How big is the sales team ? Do sales team  members have right type of skills & competencies ?Are employees right fit to the culture ?
10. Does marketing strategies complement efforts by Sales team ?
11. Does marketing team take continuous feedback  from sales team  ?
12. Does the product design team work in collaboration with Sales and Marketing ?
13. What would  improve the performance of organization ?
14. Does the firm have global alliances to  re-affirm its position in the market ?
15.  Is the current business model / strategies in alignment with marketplace ?
16. What would success look like ?
17. What are the current practices for investing in skills and competencies of its employees ?
18. How many employees does the firm  employe and  in which all geographies  ?
19. What is the current model of collaboration for employees ?
20. Are employees familiar with  social and informal learning ? Do employees engage in Social Learning through Twitter chat discussions or through social media ?
21. Do employees have effective PKM ( Personal Knowledge Management ) strategies to stay current and upto date ?
22. Does the firm have multi generation workforce?
23. What are the employees attitude, motivation, values towards learning ?