Digital eminence is the currency you build today to encash tomorrow

 ( Reblogged from my IBM internal blog, First published in 2011 ) 

It is truly delighting  when people in the organization starts recognizing you as Social Software expert or SME, i have been involved with BlueIQ or Social Software adoption since Dec 2008 and i personally find it  a great way to contribute back when i receive requests to share my knowledge on this topic . I love to facilitate enablement sessions on Social Software adoption ( refer BlueIQ Education roadmap ) My facilitation experience comes in handy during such times. As we all know Social software adoption is the hot topic both internally ( in IBM)  and externally ( outside IBM ).

I am passionate about Web 2.0 technologies and consider myself an early adopter, i read somewhere reasons for early adopters to use  Social Software differs from late adopters. Nevertheless, more and more IBMers have come to realize the benefits of participating online and collaborating through emerging technologies or or so called Emerging Social Software platforms. We have Lotus connections as the Enterprise wide platform in the form of Social Software in IBM.

In this blog i will try to focus on , what are the tasks i effectively accomplish/ed when i use Social Software.

1. Finding Experts – Industry skills is the focus for ISA. I have discovered SMEs on industry learning online when i was looking for content on Industry Learning. Industryspace is a great place   to find Industry experts and learn from them.

2. Finding Content – I have actually learnt all about BlueIQ by following content of people like Luis Suarez, Sacha Chua , Andy Piper . Outside IBM  Andrew Mcafee is my favorite blogger and thought leader on Web 2.0.  Great content led to discovery of people which led to greater, richer content. Both are inter-related. Social Software helped me identify who are the Thought Leaders in the field in which i had desired to   develop my expertise on, after identification, it was a matter of following their online activity, blog, bookmarks, and voila ,i had access to their expertise information , thought leadership and valuable content.  Let’s agree we all stretch our imagination and add to formation of new paradigms and perspectives when we meet new people. This online phenomena to meet new experts online had its own charm coupled with my desire to learn new stuff ! I started out as a follower and didnt even realize when i became a contributor . This transition and journey from follower to contributor was natural.

3. Sharing materials quickly– I am careersmart Focal for ISA. i receive several requests for sharing additional information and materials on CareerSmart with my peers and colleagues. Believe me, i love it,  when i dont have to scan thousands of emails and are able to point them to a link in a couple of seconds. Online sharing has heldped me to shorten  turnaround time, manage my time better. I am better organized when i keep my documents online. All i have to do is to point to the relevant links.

4. Communicating effectively – I participate and communicate online as the situation demands. Blogs are an effective medium to communicate online.  I wish more and more colleagues of mine were participating & communicating online , i know ..i know .. there is a long way before i give up on email ( i don’t need to go that far actually !  ) as most of the valuable information still remains in notes and archives, wish there a publish to blog button in email !

5. Managing events–  How could i forget , it is through Social software that  i have learnt about online meetings and managing events online. how much easy it is  to organize and manage a event using w3 inviter and Lotus live. I have organized quiet a few successful events and sessions  through w3 inviter and participated in sessions worldwide via w3 inviter, had it not been IBM Social software, i would
     not have learnt new ways to effectively run online meetings through Lotus live and manage events through w3 inviter. More on it , in a seperate blog.

6. Continous Informal  Learning–  Need i say more ? I am writing this blog because i was determined to build digitally eminence and i had an insatiable desire to learn new skills and new knowledge and because i participated in online forums inside as well as outside IBM, as i write this post, my twitter follower count has crossed 2000+ mark, a feel good factor 🙂 ,.hehe… I once coined one liner which i would like to quote here , Digital eminence is the currency you build today to encash tomorrow..