Vacation and An experiment ~ WOW HR

Slogged and enjoyed every bit , for3 months into my new role  ,  and earned the recognition. for good work.


Took a planned mini vacation. I had planned this leave early in the year. Usually, I proceed on leave twice a year. One around mid year and second around Christmas New Year. My ex- US functional manager Craig is an organized  Manager. We have a global tool – Vacation planner so that team knows which team members are proceeding on leave and when . It is quiet a transparent process. Each one in the team knows about other team member’s leave and can plan accordingly to minimize impact of absence on business. Most of the time, team members volunteer to be each other’s back up.

I traveled to  MC- Leodganj to escape heat and summer in Delhi ~ A spiritual place , provided moments of Solitude. However, on vacation , I had 3 work related calls and an opportunity to connect on a call with VP,HR IBM India .  Work – Life Integration as they call it.

A very interesting thing happened while I was on vacation and had free mindshare.
I pinged Nabomita ( CiteHR, Community Manager and a dear friend )

Ruchi : 
Hi Nabomita-  Do you know good HR group on WhatsApp to join ? Thanks in advance

Nabomita :
Haha…please add me if you find one 😀 found many but not really good.

Ruchi :
Ask Kunjal, Do you have his phone number ?

Nabomita  Hmmm..Sure. Lets speak to him  . Adding you two on whatsapp

Ruchi : Thanks buddy
Lets start an HR Group on Whatsapp ourselves. What say ?

Nabomita :
So sweet 🙂 You read my mind:-) Let me know who else should we add.

And thats how instantly ~ WOWHR was Founded.

Kunjal, Micky, Shweta, Ankita , Amita, Anindya, Paras, Krishna, Sarang , Sandeep joined in quickly.

Achyut, Rakshita  came along later.







I also learnt that Shweta is doing a thesis on Employer Branding . She is willing to share her thesis with WOW HR members and many of us showed interest.

Disappointed in Gautam Ghosh , who is sort of in a hurry to write the obituary,  mis-represented the facts on twitter.  How could I keep quiet.

Members are brewing lot of interesting ideas on structure for discussions , guidelines for the group.
I will wait to see what comes of this impromptu experiment. One can witness Sharing and Co-Creation,  Value Co-Creation is what keeps such groups sustainable.

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