Looking for guidance on how to get into Corporate training on Freelance basis

December 9th, 2014


chhavi asked:
Q:I have been a part of IBM for 6 years was in the software profile but was also actively involved in training, tech interviews and business facilitation programs Now i have my own development compnay http://www.toruksoftware.com But I miss the co-operate training’s…and sessions, I am a good speaker, wanted guidance from you regarding ..how i could do that on a freelance basis, as food for the soul .    A: Chhavi, Kudos for starting out your own venture and being a role model to other men/ women who contemplate to branch off from corporate world to pursue their dreams. At the same time, I realize you miss the intellectually stimulating Corporate environment too and have interest in Facilitation / Corporate trainings.
Congratulations, you are highly self aware, have goal clarity as to what you want to do next/ parallely which can be the energizer in your Life.

Probably, I am not the best person to advise on Freelancing opportunities however I will share few insights from my observation

I would advise, the best way to swim is to jump into the pool.
Freelancing is an option . If you are good, word of mouth will get you Clients. What kind of training programs you like to facilitate ? Who will be your target audience, How will you reach out to prospective customers ? Why should Corporates hire you for the workshop ? What’s your USP ( unique value proposition) Articulate your value proposition clearly .
Who will create the training content ? What problems are you trying to solve for the client through your training programs ?
Once you have answers to these questions, you will have clarity on next steps. Reaching out and offering your talents will become relatively easy . Do associate yourself with some of the training houses that work with corporates who look out for freelance trainers. That could be a good starting point. Startups ususally do not have a full fledged HR/ Corporate training team in the growth phase, however they have a need to do Motivational / Team Dynamics sort of programs. Third is Conferences, there are thousands of Conferences organized in India every year. Select pick that matches your areas of interest , that can be good avenue to offer your your expertise , connect with Influencers, Decision Makers . This is how An acquaintance recently got to associate himself with a prestigious organization, after attending a Conference and following up with Decision maker and a suitable opportunity landed up his way. Specialize in 1-2 training programs at the minimum to become with , which would be your flagship offering. Connect with and Talk to freelancers.
Santosh Babu is a reputed & known name in this field .
Of course, there are many more I am not aware. There are certain institutes which make you a Certified Facilitator. Explore if such certifications are the right fit for you and would help you move forward and make way in this area. Network and Learn from those who have charted the similar path before us. It can be one good way to find directions future in Life & accomplish your goals , dreams. Kudos for software startup and bakery startup too. I hope I will learn to bake good cakes from you. Happy to connect, Chhavi. Hope I answered your question to an extent but keep talking to other folks too . Go after something that you truly want. When you know why , you will figure out How soon 🙂

First published on Sheroes – http://sheroes.in/mentors/ruchi-bhatia/questions/Njkw 

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