Stay Authentic

People dont buy what, People buy Why . Tell them emotionally and with stats why they need to do something and they will do it.To be able to succeed in Digital Media, and today’s world where people and individuals on Social Media exert more influence within their network than Brands, it is important to develop your reputation, create online profile, and an elevator pitch , remain discoverable online, and remain connected with communities of interest. There are many Personal Branding experts who share their wisdom through articles / books. Age old principles are mentioned in the book  How to win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carinege . The key is to Stay Authentic.  I am sharing couple of tactical steps to pursue your goals to become more successful in Life.
  1. Create a Page
  2. Write short 100 words Bio, List your achievements
  3. Create Gmail Account
  4. Create Google Plus Profile
  5. Create Linkedin Profile
  6. Keep a Professional Photo ready
  7. Setup Blogger
  8. Write articles of interest
  9. Publish on Blogger
  10. Share through Linkedin, Twitter as status updates
  11. Build a following
  12. Meet Interesting People
  13. Attend conferences
  14. Share knowledge, Learn , Grow, Be Successful