Book Reveiw : Mistress of Honor

A saga of love, courage and sacrifice ,This book grows on you.
Potnis, a captain in the Indian army meets the love of his life Pansy during Operation Blue Star. Their romance blossoms into a beautiful child Rihana. Rihana grows up to find herself surrounded by Men of Honor. Will Love precede over or Does Country comes first for Army Men ? Read more to find out in this lovely tale of courage and love.
Excerpt from the book –

“Time and Forgiveness will let help you let go of things and heal your wounds”

Mistress of Honor
The book is a must read , a saga about Love, courage and sacrifice.
The story is about Potnis, an Indian army officer, how he meets his wife, Pansy during Operation Bluestar ..From the birth of Rihana , how daughter of Pansy and Potnis turns into a young lady , The book is an engripping read.
The events are real which gives more authenticity to the lives of the characters weaved in the form of stories. There is a story within a story.
Pansy is a BBC reporter who lost her parents in Operation Bluestar and Major Potnis earned Kiti Chakra for his bravery during the operation. How they two meet and fall in love, get married is a intriguing read. The reader gets to know about the nuances and finer details about the sacrifices made by families in Armed Forces .

The story moves forward to the events played out during 1987 by LTTE.
The reader gets to know the glimpse of Life of an army major, & learns about the characters – his wife, Pansy & his colleague Shamsher in depth.

Shamsher is Potnis’s Friend and plays a major role in the entire lives of Potnis and Pansy.

The second part of the book is the story within the story . Story of Rihana, Advik and Kabir.

Highlights of the book ~

Sometimes we become judgemental about people without knowing their pain and experiences.

Who is Advik, How is Advik related to Kabir & Rihana ?

Kabir and Advik join NDA which turn boys into Men of Honor is an interesting take into this book.

Will Rihana and Advik fall into Love ? Did Rihana marry Advik ? Or does the love for country comes above everything else for Men in Defence Forces ?
Read this interesting research based book to know about Life in Defence Forces,Characters who sound real, Life in Army, sacrifices made by Women of Honor.