Hedgehog Concept & Workplace Dilemmas


Hedgehog Concept & Workplace Dilemmas

Hedgehog Concept & Workplace Dilemmas :

Where do philosophers fit in at workplace ? I have often pondered over this question with no absolute answers . In modern corporations , who require them anyways ? When Top Executives and managers are simply looking at improving the bottom line and generating more revenue, more profits ,and working for Client success, short term objectives define the rules of the game. Where is the room for philosophy ? All we require are executives for functioning . That’s the minimal requirement sought over by Professionals . At the most , philosophers are given a parking lot in the form of Training and Development department for mostly it is believed that philosophies look good in four walls of a room . Philosophers don’t fit in real world as they question the very basis of existence of certain philosophies in modern corporations. Rarely , do we come across individuals who assume the role a philosopher too besides performing their basic job assigned to them . Such individuals are highly capable individuals excelling in their own job , maintaining high performance standards for themselves and expecting best out of everyone. Not only it requires immense courage to challenge people , it requires grit , determination and focus to drive others. What does one do , when this tedious and emotionally taxing job is assigned to him /her ? This may not be one of the KRAs officially , however, what if your job entails driving others ( directly or indirectly ) ? What if you are expected to drive people ? Either you act Smart and think WIIFM ( Whats in it for me ?) or you simply accept the additional responsibility you have been endowed upon, take initiatives , walk the roads less traveled alone and test your personal humility and professional will , get frustrated , become demotivated at times and start again and come out as a stronger professional. I am glad , my concepts and fundamentals are very clear in life.( Influence of Level 5 Manager/Mentor in my life in my previous organization) My principles and values are not based on vanities , whims and fancies. I am already executing .Should I stop philosophizing ? Shall certain tasks be done or avoided ? These are the workplace dilemmas , I come across , and there are no easy answers and left to individual choices only.
In the end , I think , I have answered myself.

P.S- Written on August 18, 2007 in my personal blog.

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