My Love Affair with Books

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Ever since I remember, I am fond of books & reading.

In class 8th, a close friend stopped talking to me over some silly issue, which I don’t even remember. I read every article in the newspapers & magazines how to cope with heartbreak but to no avail. Finally, this was the right opportunity to see the interiors and spacious but formidable room of the School Counsellor who never taught any subject. And we kept wondering what she does.  I mustered courage to knock on her door and shared my dilemma with the Psychology teacher.

Her words still echo in my heart- What if someone has broken your heart .

Make books your friends. I was at impressionable age of 13. Her words had deep impact on me.

I topped 8th class.

And also became a bookworm.

Something I have never regretted.

I grew a little up. And in Hans Raj College too, my favorite spot was College Library.  Books transported me to foreign places. It was a world of its own. I soon lost interest in outside world. I read Bible, Gita, Osho, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Shakespeare.

The world of Biochemistry and Microbiology sounded more exotic. I even bought a microscope and everything in Life was subjected to microscopic detail, literally.

I remember, when I appeared for medical test for 1st job in my life,  I met a colleague at the lab waiting for results . He asked do you always carry a book with you everywhere.  I proudly replied in affirmative. The book I was carrying was Stephen Covey’s – 7 habits of highly effective people. That was year 2000.

Fast forward to 2003, once a senior manager in GSK asked me – what do you do after office hours.

I replied with glee on my face – I visit British Council Library. He uttered- That’s a good habit and you will go places in Life. Not that I have.

Soon more years went by. I became a workaholic. I met interesting people who I remember by the kind of books they introduced me to.

My boyfriend used to gift me copies of Smart Manager as his brother was publishing that magazine, he had access to the complimentary copies. That’s how I discovered Sumantra Ghoshal, Dr TV Rao and Dr Lynda Gratton.

Pratapa (Corporate Trainer turned Brand Manager turned Managing Director of large Pharma co.) – He introduced me to Edward de Bono.

SP (Govt Relations Officer and close friend of CEO in GSK )  introduced me to Erma Bombeck and Robert Fulghum and PG Wodehouse.

AB introduced me to Neera (Sunil Gangopadhyay). Joshi Bhai introduced me to Sapiens.

Over period of years, I developed my own interests. ( Sheryl Sandberg, Dan Ariely, Daniel Pink,Daniel Kahneman, Daniel Goleman , Andrew McAfee, Adam Grant, Malcolm Gladwell , Rashmi Bansal, Susan Cain, Friedrich Nietzsche, Emily Dickinson, Cheryl Strayed)

For many years, I avoided Fiction. My only source of consuming fiction was through Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

My first fiction book was Amrita Tripathi’s – Broken News. Later read her, Sibius Knot.

Then I met Abhijit Bhaduri  and read MBA series and his “Dont Hire the Best” .

Later I met Ravi Subramanian and read Bestseller she wrote and his other bestsellers.

I read Can I have it All and then later met Anuranjita ( Citi, CHRO) . I got to know from her that all Royalities of the book proceeds towards a charity to uplift lives of underprivileged women. Sometimes doing  Good Karma is as simple as buying and reading the book.

Interested by storytelling in fiction, I read Meghna Pant, Shuchi Kalra, John Green  – which were fun easy reads and gave me break from deep and abstract non fictional books.

Tuesdays with Moorie reminded me of my friend and philosopher who we lost to God due to cancer.

I met Aparna Jain on twitter, attended her book launch and Own it ( Leadership Lessons for Women)  is my favorite gift option.

Currently I am exploring works of Brene Brown, and books written by Feminists.

Love affair with books continues, My reading interests can be explored on Goodreads

Additional Reading

The legendary management guru believes burying your nose in a book can be the most effective strategy for succeeding in business.


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