I just returned from a 2 day SHRTMTech18 HR Conference. There is something about HR conferences that make them full of energy , ideas and pushing the envelope to advance the the HR Profession

The keynote opening was from Vineet Nayar which was insightful for professionals across all levels.

He shared that HR is undergoing through Transformation through the use of analogy of Ants and Butterflies and through a storytelling style. HR professionals need to transform themselves first before attempting to transform organizations.

Innovation and creativity is more important than productivity.

There were lot of new vendors in the exhibition hall. Reliance was the chief sponsor and showcased demo of how they are using AR and VR to onboard employees seamlessly .

I had some very interesting conversations with Indeed and LinkedIn on Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding.

Linkedin is coming out with a new product on Talent Intelligence and that is something I look forward to. We definitely need more data and analytics to make data based Talent decisions.

With the launch of Indeed and Google jobs , the recruitment market which was earlier a database and job board driven market will be pushed to become Search Engine driven market.
This space is very exciting and I will keep a tab on latest trends and insights on how Recruitment is changing with the use of Technology and new vendors who are passionate about changing the game with their innovative products and services to bring in more efficiencies in the Talent matching and hiring .

Sunita Bhuyan enthralled us all through her Brilliant Musical Violin performance and connecting the dots of how HR professionals need to get in the flow , work in teams, and collaborate across the organisation .

Mitra was a bot , we witnessed live in action. Bots are here and they are here to make our jobs easier rather than taking away our jobs !


Some of the insightful tweets from the conference !

Awaken the sleeping giant within you. Try and fly with my thoughts says Vineet Nayar . Transform yourself , rest will transform with you #SHRMTech18 #HR

We need to ask ourselves how technology is changing the global marketplace and global forces. This needs to be a global conversation.’ – @JohnnyCTaylorJr President & CEO, @SHRM. #SHRMTech18

The passion with which you do your job should be all that matters. Not gender. Says – @DrRituAnand Indeed! #SHRMTech18

To implement purpose alignment, exert influence outside of your workgroup – @NNickolaisen. #SHRMTECH18

Where does #humanness stand in the workplace? How does it affect the pros and cons of human behaviour? Join Mark Riley, Director, Employer Insights- APAC, @indeed as he provides his insights at #SHRMTech18.

While we can replace most of the things with automation, human touch will always be there. Processing power is not intelligence, says @MamataVegunta. #SHRMTech18 @SHRMindia

Johnny Taylor CEO @SHRM aptly highlights the ‘magic’ of Human in managing today’s Enterprise with AI and Machine Learning at #SHRMTECH18 @SHRMindia @AchalKhanna1

.@MohinishSinha, Partner, @DeloitteIndia; @parag_pande, MD, @Accenture; @DrRituAnand, VP and Deputy Head, Global HR of @TCS and @manunarang19, Head HR & Services, @CocaCola_Ind & South West Asia speak on the growing roles of women in the tech industry. #SHRMTech18

The power of the human mind needs to be understood by the CEO. HR folks are best placed to create a culture of innovation with the CEO.- @vineetnayar #shrmtech18

#shrmtech18 Jeff poses 8 questions to be answered by leaders for a digital future of organisations! @SHRMindia




Why would someone love to hate #HR? @varunrathi87, Co-Founder & COO, @LiveHappay, sheds some light on this corporate love-hate relationship. #SHRMTech18

Many interesting vendors at SHRM across some innovative #hrtech products #hrtechie products #HRShapers #FutureofHR #Futureofwork #DigitalTransformation #DisruptioninHR #TechieHR #HRTech #TechHR #DigitalHR #SHRMTech18 @SHRMindia #SHRM

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#SHRMTech18 @jasonaverbook asks how do we deliver empathy digitally? @AbhijitBhaduri @SHRMindia

Unconscious bias is an impediment towards building an inclusive environment for gender diversity in the society at large .. #SHRMTech18 @SHRMindia #Diversity @MohinishSinha ..

Effective leadership is all about creating a culture of trust and focusing on the ‘Why’ and ‘What’ but not ‘How’ – @NNickolaisen. #SHRMTECH18 @SHRMindia @karanbhasin

Future is an ocean of uncertainty and ambiguity, we swim into the unknown – @NNickolaisen. #SHRMTECH18 @SHRMindia @karanbhasin

World is moving at the pace of technology innovation and the pace is accelerating – @NNickolaisen #SHRMTECH18 @SHRMindia @karanbhasin

We have to put humans at the center of all our goals. We need to get more ideas and innovations from human capital instead of just depending on technology. @vineetnayar, Founder Chairman, @SamparkOrg. #SHRMTech18

It is about creating a culture of trust with team based measurements, building confidence, being authentic, putting purpose over personal agenda, being trustworthy – @NNickolaisen. #SHRMTECH18 @SHRMindia @karanbhasin

Redefine the leadership model to unleash talent and create a great workplace culture – @NNickolaisen. #SHRMTECH18 @SHRMindia @karanbhasin

It is more critical than ever that we shift our focus from transactions to our culture, leadership development and attracting and retaining the best people – @NNickolaisen. #SHRMTECH18

Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC) are changing the way we interact, work and live – @NNickolaisen. #SHRMTECH18

Didn’t know that Apple Maps is being developed in Hyderabad. Fantastic to hear @jayesh_ranjan . It is a shining example of skill development by a state #Shrmtech18

By virtue of its inherent nature, the tech industry is supposed to be progressive & innovative. However, while women make up for 40% of world’s workforce – within the tech industry they are still under represented.
#Genderdiversity #shrmtech18

‘Real leaders are those who attract followers without positional authority.’ – @NNickolaisen, CTO, @octanner. #SHRMTech18

‘I believe in the power of corporates to develop sustainable platforms in the workplace for #womenleadership. Today, 18% of @CocaCola_Ind is now under female leadership.’ – @manunarang19, Head HR & Services, @CocaCola_Ind & South West Asia. #SHRMTech18

The joy and thrill of meeting the Social HR Gang at such events !

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Pleased to share that I made it to Top 10 List of Social HR Influencers this year and placed with some of the sharpest brains in the country !

shrm ruchi.jpg

Thank you SHRM India for a great event and this opportunity.