Invited to speak on Networking for Women – Discover your Gifts and then Offer your Gifts to the World

People paid to Listen to me ūüôā My First

It is not what you know, it is about who you know
Networking is all about meaningful connections.
Don’t think of success in life only in terms of money and power but also fulfillment and meaningful relationships and connections in life
Successful people are part of diverse networks
In a world that speaks too much and hardly anyone listens, We all are starved for attention
Technology makes our lives hyper connected but humans feel isolated more than ever.
Use technology to make the right and meaningful connections.
3 types of People- Takers, Matchers, Givers ‚Äď Be the Giver kind. It is the Givers who in the long run become successful in Life.
Network with a Strategic intent.
Become more proactive and selective about how you spend your #time,
Understand your anchor system, core values.
Personal Branding and Networking go hand in hand
Personal Branding is the most effective process to communicate your value
The powerful positive clear idea what comes to mind when people think of you.
Be YourSelf for everyone else is already taken ‚Äď Oscar Wilde¬†
Stay Authentic ,  Identify your strengths ,what makes you unique.
Do you know your mix ‚Äď Talent, Values, Passion, Strength, Ideals, ¬†Experience
Discover your gifts and then offer your gifts to the world

Stay Authentic

People dont buy what, People buy Why . Tell them emotionally and with stats why they need to do something and they will do it.To be able to succeed in Digital Media, and today’s world where people and individuals on Social Media exert more influence within their network than Brands, it is important to develop your reputation, create online profile, and an elevator pitch , remain discoverable online, and remain connected with communities of interest. There are many Personal Branding experts who share their wisdom through articles / books. Age old principles are mentioned in the book¬† How to win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carinege . The key is to Stay Authentic.¬† I am sharing couple of tactical steps to pursue your goals to become more successful in Life.
  1. Create a Page
  2. Write short 100 words Bio, List your achievements
  3. Create Gmail Account
  4. Create Google Plus Profile
  5. Create Linkedin Profile
  6. Keep a Professional Photo ready
  7. Setup Blogger
  8. Write articles of interest
  9. Publish on Blogger
  10. Share through Linkedin, Twitter as status updates
  11. Build a following
  12. Meet Interesting People
  13. Attend conferences
  14. Share knowledge, Learn , Grow, Be Successful

Consistency and Purpose is the key to Success on Social Media

Consistency and Purpose is the key to Success on Social Media 

“The Difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping old ones¬† ”¬† ~ John Maynard Keynes¬†

This was the thought I had in mind when I joined in Recruitment Marketing role. What are some of the old habits one need to unlearn ? How does one Reinvent oneself ?  IBM is a land of opportunities so much so that one needs to learn to say No to stay Focussed in a given role . If you are the Expert or Consultant, be assured there will be no dearth of work opportunities or interesting work projects or different roles one can play at any given time. One clear vision I have in mind is that  in addition to be known as Enterprise Collaboration and Social Media Expert , the goal is develop skills in the realm of Digital Marketing in near term.  Social Media is an ever- growing and complex field. There are as multiple platforms , each platform has a well defined personality with its unique features and benefits. I like to keep myself updated on latest Social Media trends and now I have the opportunity and a role Рwherein I can formally leverage the insights gained about Social Media from Social Media.

 IBM India Recruitment has its presence on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and had its very own blog , when I joined in the role. I did a quick Social Media Audit and Analysis to identify the strengths and opportunities and find areas of focus. As soon as I joined new team,  my colleagues , posed me challenge to Grow the number of followers on both Twitter and Facebook. The First thing Social Media Expert will  tell you is  that Content is the glue that binds it all together . It was no brainer to find out that a coherent Content Strategy was missing despite presence across all Social Media Platforms. So, starting  with a stretch target to grow Facebook followers seemed a palatable idea. I believe in this philosophy РSuccess leads to more success .

After convincing myself that Content is king & having done the quick social media audit and analysis, I started exploring research articles on Social Media and implemented some of the insights gained from that research.

1. How often should you post on Facebook pages ?
2. What is the co-relation between posting frequency and Brand engagment  ?

Basis the reports by Social Bakers, we¬† developed simple strategy & decided on a plan¬† of action¬† to remain consistent , post interesting relevant content almost everyday . Keep challenging yourselves by reflecting on such questions –¬† Are you sharing stories or content which is relevant to your target audience ? What¬† updates do your followers like to receive ? What kind of stories would they believe and like to listen to ? Do you know who your followers are ? Do you know your target audience¬† ?

¬†Growing Facebook followers organically with 50% growth in 3 months is something I am proud of . It is a pleasant¬† fact to know that Growth is organic, without paid advertising . I continue to learn bit more about Marketing, Branding, Advertising .¬† From my experience , I can sum it up¬† –
The key to success on social media is Content, Consistency , Research backed action, Time Investment and Purpose.

Why your Chief Executive too should be on Social Media ?

Image courtsey : Abhijit Bhaduri


The title of the post is a new blogpost by Abhijit Bhaduri . He asks the big question –
Why are CEOs/ CMOs not present on Social Media ?
Read out the full article here  

My 2 cents –

Abhijit, I am glad you wrote this article. High time that CXOs onboard the Social media flight as you aptly mentioned concept of Leadership is evolving. Leaders like yourself who walk the talk are perfect role models when it comes to Social Media Adoption. Some would take to the new medium as fish to water . The authentic ones are out there, participating & shaping up conversations about their Brand . While others (risk averse) are still mulling over pros & cons , they may require Coaching & Handholding. I discovered an article which would interest you, it represents an interesting picture of engaged CEOs on Social Media . 

Ranking of the Top 60 CEOs on Social Media

Recruitment Marketing

Here are the 5 interesting articles on Recruitment Marketing this week i discovered .  I follow +William Tincup & FistFul of Talent for interesting insights on HR .
Key Insights from my Experience with Digital Ecosystem –
1. Websites are repositories of dead content , hence rise of Web 2.0 , Emerging Technologies, Social Media platforms
2. Social & mobile  has forced people to form new habits , on an avg every person checks in their smartphone several times a day.
3. People lead to discovery of new content and content leads to discovery of new people Рkey is to  engage employees to share interesting content that shapes conversations in favor of  Employer Brand .
4. Talent cant be hired, Talent can only be courted . Talent looks for an overall¬† experience , when it is positive at early stages, candidate’s interest is piqued in the job/ role/¬† organization.
5. How does one cut through noise on the Social Media is the key. Key is to first identify the  communities of  talent and then do targeted messaging within those communities.
7. If communities don’t exist, one needs to work through creation and building the talent communities first across hot skills in demand from both current scenario as well as futuristic point of view.
8. Visually appealing content goes viral quickly on Social Media
9. Social Media is a great platform for Social Listening . 
10. Twitter & Google search results are quiet useful and generate many insights to  pick clues from & act upon.

My take –¬† Recruitment Marketing is an interesting role at the intersection of HR, Marketing and Branding ūüôā¬†

 +Ruchi Bhatia