Future Ready WorkForce

Future Ready Workforce will constitute Individuals who are LifeLongLearners, who have the ability to learn, unlearn, relearn and reinvent themselves. Who are agile, and make  investment in self education and acquiring new skills.
Future ready workforce also mean networked and collaborative workforce. They know how to collaborate, create trust in virtual environment, reach out to experts across borders and locate expertise quickly at the tip of fingertips to create value for clients. 
Future ready workforce means individual employees may not have all the answers to client problems however have the skills to find the answers and reach out to experts.
Who knows what , who knows whom and who knows what you know  becomes utmost important , hence the value of networks.
Future ready workforce know how to manage work & get work done in a borderless economy.

What I am still learning…..

1. Catch ’em young. (Newcomers )

2. Learn how to fish ( What we won’t teach you but expect you to learn )

3. The Art ~ not to loose sight of “People Equation ” while managing business

4. The perpetual debate ~ Great Managers /Leaders are born or made ? Fit versus Flexibility approach

5. Plenty of opportunities ~ ~ Globally connected people’s economy
key skill required ~ Imagination

6. Let’s talk beyond compensation – what motivates ~ Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose ( Daniel Pink’s video on Ted Talk – surprising truth about motivation )

7. Chuck the 3 year 5 year Career plan .Allow room for new experiences, improvisation and serendipity .

8. Belongingness ? ~ Join communities of interest to stay current on an industry

9. Mantra for success – Don’t be shy to ask for help , Volunteer to share your expertise , Help a newbie Succeed, Professional giveback .

10. Leaders are not afraid to follow. Be both a follower & a Leader.