Rise of Robots


Do you think about how will we prepare kids for Future ? 
What will Future jobs look like ? 

Read this intriguing piece by Abhijit Bhaduri

My comments 

Despite the robots, Humans with higher order skills, creativity, social, emotional intelligence, empathy will still find ways to rule the world. And put robots in places to get efficiency. Robots don’t complain unlike humans and can work non stop. Currently the cost of disengaged employees to Corporates is huge ,runs into billion dollars. Save human labor for creative unpredictable work, pursue passions and use Robots for boring repetitive jobs. Encourage kids to play outdoors and play board games to learn to develop empathy, sense making, cooperation, social skills and strategy building skills. These skills demand premium. Regards, Ruchi @rucsb

What’s next in HR – A Global Perspective

Nisha hosted was a great panel discussion on IndiaHRLive and I had an opportunity to Listen to key insights from  Dr TV Rao, Jennifer McClure, and other panelists to understand their perspective on Whats next in HR ? I would like to share my views on the topic.

I anticipate a Future where

1. HR Function on the whole will get disrupted by Emerging Technologies.
2.  Industry will witness rise of mobile apps for HR Function.
3. HR Mobile Apps will enable and provide meaningful insights to HR & Business Leaders and enbale decision making with respect to  hiring, learning, compensation , engagement , retention, career development
4.  CEOs will be increasingly be interested in Org wide Talent Scorecards and Talent Dashboards.
5.  HR will get differentiated into Rountine HR Jobs and Strategic HR Roles  .
 6. Companies may outsource routine HR jobs like payroll, administration  however will place  People with Higher order skills eg Creativity, Design Thinking Mindset into Strategic HR roles for Organizational Development .

Future Ready WorkForce

Future Ready Workforce will constitute Individuals who are LifeLongLearners, who have the ability to learn, unlearn, relearn and reinvent themselves. Who are agile, and make  investment in self education and acquiring new skills.
Future ready workforce also mean networked and collaborative workforce. They know how to collaborate, create trust in virtual environment, reach out to experts across borders and locate expertise quickly at the tip of fingertips to create value for clients. 
Future ready workforce means individual employees may not have all the answers to client problems however have the skills to find the answers and reach out to experts.
Who knows what , who knows whom and who knows what you know  becomes utmost important , hence the value of networks.
Future ready workforce know how to manage work & get work done in a borderless economy.