I just returned from a 2 day SHRTMTech18 HR Conference. There is something about HR conferences that make them full of energy , ideas and pushing the envelope to advance the the HR Profession

The keynote opening was from Vineet Nayar which was insightful for professionals across all levels.

He shared that HR is undergoing through Transformation through the use of analogy of Ants and Butterflies and through a storytelling style. HR professionals need to transform themselves first before attempting to transform organizations.

Innovation and creativity is more important than productivity.

There were lot of new vendors in the exhibition hall. Reliance was the chief sponsor and showcased demo of how they are using AR and VR to onboard employees seamlessly .

I had some very interesting conversations with Indeed and LinkedIn on Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding.

Linkedin is coming out with a new product on Talent Intelligence and that is something I look forward to. We definitely need more data and analytics to make data based Talent decisions.

With the launch of Indeed and Google jobs , the recruitment market which was earlier a database and job board driven market will be pushed to become Search Engine driven market.
This space is very exciting and I will keep a tab on latest trends and insights on how Recruitment is changing with the use of Technology and new vendors who are passionate about changing the game with their innovative products and services to bring in more efficiencies in the Talent matching and hiring .

Sunita Bhuyan enthralled us all through her Brilliant Musical Violin performance and connecting the dots of how HR professionals need to get in the flow , work in teams, and collaborate across the organisation .

Mitra was a bot , we witnessed live in action. Bots are here and they are here to make our jobs easier rather than taking away our jobs !


Some of the insightful tweets from the conference !

Awaken the sleeping giant within you. Try and fly with my thoughts says Vineet Nayar . Transform yourself , rest will transform with you #SHRMTech18 #HR

We need to ask ourselves how technology is changing the global marketplace and global forces. This needs to be a global conversation.’ – @JohnnyCTaylorJr President & CEO, @SHRM. #SHRMTech18

The passion with which you do your job should be all that matters. Not gender. Says – @DrRituAnand Indeed! #SHRMTech18

To implement purpose alignment, exert influence outside of your workgroup – @NNickolaisen. #SHRMTECH18

Where does #humanness stand in the workplace? How does it affect the pros and cons of human behaviour? Join Mark Riley, Director, Employer Insights- APAC, @indeed as he provides his insights at #SHRMTech18.

While we can replace most of the things with automation, human touch will always be there. Processing power is not intelligence, says @MamataVegunta. #SHRMTech18 @SHRMindia

Johnny Taylor CEO @SHRM aptly highlights the ‘magic’ of Human in managing today’s Enterprise with AI and Machine Learning at #SHRMTECH18 @SHRMindia @AchalKhanna1

.@MohinishSinha, Partner, @DeloitteIndia; @parag_pande, MD, @Accenture; @DrRituAnand, VP and Deputy Head, Global HR of @TCS and @manunarang19, Head HR & Services, @CocaCola_Ind & South West Asia speak on the growing roles of women in the tech industry. #SHRMTech18

The power of the human mind needs to be understood by the CEO. HR folks are best placed to create a culture of innovation with the CEO.- @vineetnayar #shrmtech18

#shrmtech18 Jeff poses 8 questions to be answered by leaders for a digital future of organisations! @SHRMindia




Why would someone love to hate #HR? @varunrathi87, Co-Founder & COO, @LiveHappay, sheds some light on this corporate love-hate relationship. #SHRMTech18

Many interesting vendors at SHRM across some innovative #hrtech products #hrtechie products #HRShapers #FutureofHR #Futureofwork #DigitalTransformation #DisruptioninHR #TechieHR #HRTech #TechHR #DigitalHR #SHRMTech18 @SHRMindia #SHRM

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 9.43.37 AM.png



#SHRMTech18 @jasonaverbook asks how do we deliver empathy digitally? @AbhijitBhaduri @SHRMindia

Unconscious bias is an impediment towards building an inclusive environment for gender diversity in the society at large .. #SHRMTech18 @SHRMindia #Diversity @MohinishSinha ..

Effective leadership is all about creating a culture of trust and focusing on the ‘Why’ and ‘What’ but not ‘How’ – @NNickolaisen. #SHRMTECH18 @SHRMindia @karanbhasin

Future is an ocean of uncertainty and ambiguity, we swim into the unknown – @NNickolaisen. #SHRMTECH18 @SHRMindia @karanbhasin

World is moving at the pace of technology innovation and the pace is accelerating – @NNickolaisen #SHRMTECH18 @SHRMindia @karanbhasin

We have to put humans at the center of all our goals. We need to get more ideas and innovations from human capital instead of just depending on technology. @vineetnayar, Founder Chairman, @SamparkOrg. #SHRMTech18

It is about creating a culture of trust with team based measurements, building confidence, being authentic, putting purpose over personal agenda, being trustworthy – @NNickolaisen. #SHRMTECH18 @SHRMindia @karanbhasin

Redefine the leadership model to unleash talent and create a great workplace culture – @NNickolaisen. #SHRMTECH18 @SHRMindia @karanbhasin

It is more critical than ever that we shift our focus from transactions to our culture, leadership development and attracting and retaining the best people – @NNickolaisen. #SHRMTECH18

Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC) are changing the way we interact, work and live – @NNickolaisen. #SHRMTECH18

Didn’t know that Apple Maps is being developed in Hyderabad. Fantastic to hear @jayesh_ranjan . It is a shining example of skill development by a state #Shrmtech18

By virtue of its inherent nature, the tech industry is supposed to be progressive & innovative. However, while women make up for 40% of world’s workforce – within the tech industry they are still under represented.
#Genderdiversity #shrmtech18

‘Real leaders are those who attract followers without positional authority.’ – @NNickolaisen, CTO, @octanner. #SHRMTech18

‘I believe in the power of corporates to develop sustainable platforms in the workplace for #womenleadership. Today, 18% of @CocaCola_Ind is now under female leadership.’ – @manunarang19, Head HR & Services, @CocaCola_Ind & South West Asia. #SHRMTech18

The joy and thrill of meeting the Social HR Gang at such events !

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 9.46.21 AM.png

Pleased to share that I made it to Top 10 List of Social HR Influencers this year and placed with some of the sharpest brains in the country !

shrm ruchi.jpg

Thank you SHRM India for a great event and this opportunity.

Invited to Moderate #IHRChat and as Curator of the Month

Dear Friends, You are all welcome to Join me on twitter as I moderate an important discussion on @Ihr_chat on  25 Nov, Wed 7 PM IST on mental & emotional well being at workplace ‪#‎Ihrchat‬

If you missed the chat, here are the Insights and Storify version 

The Depth & Scope of Recruitment Branding

Read the insightful article first by my Friend & Thought Leader  Gautam Ghosh on People Matters
The concept of “Employer Brand” has undergone a dramatic change in recent times. Content is shaping how people find and connect with each other. Organizations now have to become content creators to remain relevant. They cannot rely on external media—paid or earned—alone. They have to invest in creating “owned media”.  For an employer brand this means media that showcases the organization’s culture in the form of articles, presentations, videos on the websites, LinkedIn company pages, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and YouTube channels. This is necessary as otherwise the average Joe will only see the reviews and ratings from employees and alumni on a wide variety of subjects ranging from culture to salaries to interviews on sites like Glassdoor.
@rucsb: 10 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for All Things Employer Brand  http://t.co/2ivcvcdbID  #EmployerBrand

Lets fully understand the depth and scope of Recruitment Branding role to be able to equip people with the right resources and budgets to make a difference.It is a  mamooth task of ” Making Company as the Employer of Choice” in the Talent Market which requires Budgets and Resources.  Recruitment Branding has been gaining traction and I assume there is shortage of Talent, and the “Experts” in the Market.  We have prgressive HR Professionals who continually reinvent themselves & invest time to acquire New Age skills ( Design Thinking, Social Media Marketing, Storytelling)  Let me debrief what is  Recruitment Branding.
I hope some #Sketchnoter would attempt to make a Visual Sketchnote out of these thoughts .
Project Deliverables on
Recruitment Branding + Social Media Management  + Digital Social Assets  Management + Content Marketing + Influencer Marketing + Branding Campaigns + Contests + Event Promotions + Advertisements + Careers pages management + Digital Branding + Blog Management  + Social Influenced Recruiting + Social Listening
Gaps  –
1. Recruiters may or may not focus on Applications on ATS  received through FB + Linkedin + Careers site. Currently not tracked on no. of ATS apps processed.
2.  All Recruiters are not  Social or Digital Savvy .
3.  Mobile recruitment – in initial stages , yet to evolve
     Talent Community –  Recruiters lack community management skills
4. Recruiters need basic education to  Spruce up their Linkedin & Social profiles and become Digitally Savvy.
Marketplace trends –
SMAC disrupting Recruitment & HR –
Are  Recruiters ready and prepared yet, Equipped with new age skills  ?
Hunters and Farmers in Recruiting similar to Sales Model . ( Sourcing teams in place)
Talent communities as source of Talent pool / Talent pipeline
Conversations has shifted to online platforms – – candidates are talking about your brand, culture, hiring experience on Glassdoor / Facebook
Communication Gaps with candidates in Hiring Process , if addressed provide better Candidate Experience.
Social Networks as the conduit  for Human to Human Marketing  / Influence the Marketplace conversations in favor of your Brand
Employee Advocacy –  Employees , Recruiters & Leaders  as primary Talent Ambassadors who represent your Brand on Digital platforms
Next  Steps –
1. Employee Advocacy – Employees and Recruiters as Talent Brand Ambassador – Tools like  Elevate from Linkedin & Meddle it   will help meet rubber on the road.

How Technology is Blurring the Boundaries Between HR and Marketing

 2,  Influencer Marketing – Identify Influencers from the Business for Talent attraction .   Thats why collaboration with Marketing is utmost important.
3  Campaign Examples-  #ADayintheLife Campaign , #WhyIloveIBM Campaign, #WomenatIBM Campaign , #MyLifeatCapgemini, #AdobeLife.
4 . Strategic approach to Campus Branding to Influence & Attract  Top Talent
( Leveraging Insights from Linkedin Talent surveys)
5 Content Marketing  – Paid , Earned , Owned Media . Then end of free social media marketing which means there is less engagement with Free Social Media and investments and Paid Media or Earned Media is the way forward .  Content Marketing Revolution has just begun. Nine out of ten organizations are now with content – that is, going beyond the traditional sales pitches and instead enhancing brands by publishing.
6. Social Listening – Is Talent even engaging or experiencing  your Employer Brand ? or do they experience the Employer Brand mainly through Recruiters who may or may not have the full understanding of EVP ( Employer Value Proposition).  Is your EVP Employer Value Proposition clearly defined ? Brand storytelling is about why your company exists and  who your customers are , who you really are and what value you provide to internal and external customers  10 Foundational Elements of Successful Brand Storytelling
7. KPIs – Social Influenced Hires, Employer of Choice award / Linkedin Talent Suvery / Glassdoor Employer survey  / Candidate Experience / Social Listening, Offer to acceptance ratio

Brilliant example of Talent Branding

Adobe’s Talent #Branding Blog – http://t.co/cpkLyzbh0Q 1. Responsive Design 2. Easy Navigation 3. Rich Content #HR — Ruchi (@rucsb) August 27, 2015

What HR needs today ?

What HR needs today ?  

What does HR need today ?

In the complex environment that Business Leaders operate in, HR needs the Right Mindset & Velocity – The ability to move at a fast pace yet deliver the results and make an impact. HR needs Innovation. When was the last time when you heard of a truly innovative HR practice?
My big idea is that the world of HR today needs Intraprenuers. So, who are Intrapreneurs , what are their characteristics and what do they do ?
Intraprenuership is the act of behaving like an Enterprenuer while working for a large organization. Intrapreneurship is known as the practice of a corporate management style that integrates risk-taking and innovation approaches, as well as the reward and motivational techniques, that are more traditionally thought of as being the province of entrepreneurship. – Wikipedia

Your company’s culture is your Brand. What does the culture of your company signify ? Do employees feel empowered to take risks and innovate ? Or do they wait for permission from formal authorities and chain management ? That is truly telling of a company’s culture.
What is the collective response to failed projects in the organization? That determines Talent attitude to try things until successful, learning from failures, attempting to conserve resources and become an intraprenuer.
Intraprenuers are self motivated individuals , creative and risk takers. Intraprenuers think and behave like owners. For entrepreneurial types, the increase in red-tape and bureaucracy in a large organization can be unbearable. They are always looking for new, better and smarter way of doing things in a large organization.
Some of the typical characteristics of intraprenuers –

  1. They embrace failures and mistakes.
  2. They are looking for newer ideas.
  3. They are always learning and always curious
  4. Money isn’t their primary motivator
  1. They aren’t afraid to ask questions.

Intel has a tradition of implementing intrapreneurship. Google is also known to be intrapreneur friendly, allowing their employees to spend up to 20% of their time to pursue projects of their choice.

Nurturing Intrepreneurs
If you are interested in tapping into the potential of your intrapreneurs to foster innovation in your organization , then HR needs to do this – Acknowledge, Identify, Welcome their ideas, Give them a chance and Forgive them for mistakes or failures.
They are driven by the need to create something new and better and create a better world. After all , that’s how innovation would take place in HR .

P.S – I am going to be at SHRM India Annual Conference, the most exciting and premier HR event in India. The Theme- Velocity – Speed of Execution and Focus in Business is exactly what HR needs today. Hope to see you there too. www.shrmiac.org

Refrences –

Top Trends in Leadership Development in 2015

So, I reached out to my PLN ( Personal Learning Network ) on Twitter to find out what are the Top Trends in Leadership Development in 2015.

Here are the responses from Twitterati , HR Experts and HR Leaders . Twitter rocks.







Speaking on Employer Branding at #Tascon15

An open letter to HR Professionals

An open letter to India HR Professionals


Telecommuting is the Future of work says Meghan M Biro whose work I admire. The business case and evidence for telecommuting is piling up.  Telecommuting ensures less carbon footprint ( less burden on our planet earth)  , saves infrastructure costs for organizations, ensures higher employee productivity & job performance. 


Then why do Telecommuting roles are less common in India Corporate Inc ? 
Is it lack of awareness about the business case for Telecommuting,  lack of formalized HR Policy (Read What would HR Policies look like if they were based on giving ) , lack of manager skills to manage a virtual team or general bias towards telecommuters ? 
Talented candidates are seeking Flexi roles and Millenials want Career choices. 
Diversity is a business imperative across all organizations. Organizations are loosing out on diverse talent pool by not providing Flexi work options through HR policies. 
This open letter is a general appeal to HR professionals to consider the business case of Telecommuting in the context of your business, do through fact finding, evaluate and go through an informed decision making wrt Telecommuting.  Whether you are a recruiter, mid level hr professional, senior or C level Executive, you all play an important role to define the Culture of India Corporate Inc. HR Expert and Thought Leader Abhijit Bhaduri says Work from home has been increasing as an acceptable way of working rather than a perk.
Ask yourself few pertinent questions 
1. Am I thoroughly informed wrt Decision making for telecommuting  ? 
2. What role does Telecommuting play to influence the corporate culture in my organization  ? 
3. Do I need to  influence the stakeholders in my organization  ? 
4. What does my business gain by  tapping into untapped & Diverse Talent pool ? 
5. Is my workplace inclusive and diverse ? In what ways can I ensure diversity at my workplace ? 
6. What Skillset do I need to equip my managers with to ensure Telecommuting roles are a success in my organization ? 
7. Am I leading a  21st century organization ? Is the business culture of my organization suitable for candidates who seek out Flexi work options ?
 What cultural changes at workplace do I need to pursue ? 
8. What are the hallmarks of a Culture where Diversity thrives ? ( Read 5 elements of irrestible organization)
9. What do we do to make organizations engaging  for Millenials who want Career  choices ? 74% Millenials want Flexi work schedules.  The burden of lost productivity to disengaged workforce is immense and impacts us all. 78% Leaders rate engagement and retention urgent and important according a Deliotte Global Human Capital Trends research.
10. Would this move build credibility for HR professionals  in the Industry, with the business, amongst its stakeholders  ?
11. Am I creating a culture which makes my workplace well designed to be recognized as ” Future of workplace” ?
In India, I am aware of two startups – PlugHR and Sheroes who work with Corporates for Flexi work options . Seek their counsel. Talk to Industry HR experts where Telecommuting is a norm. 
Look forward to hear your thoughts, concerns and comments. 
The author can be contacted via twitter @rucsb

Recommended Reading –

1. Abhijit Bhaduri’s take on Telecommutinghttp://www.abhijitbhaduri.com/index.php/2013/03/i-can-work-from-office-now-yahoo/

2. Lynda Gratton’s Book ” The Shift ” 

3. Telecommuting Statistics- Global Workplace analytics 

4. 1.2 billion of total workforce ( approx 3 billion) worldwide Telecommutes

5. The Future of work has no boundaries by Meghan M Biro