Twipasana & Conversations with Self

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Too much attention is nauseating and claustrophobic
Distracted parents raise distracted kids
Disconnect externally to connect with inner self
Deep thinking, deep studying leads to newer insights
Critical Thinking is a strength, preserve it despite shortening of attention span
Hyperconnected always on world is a Maya – illusion . 

Mortality is the only truth . We all will die one day
Make your stay on this planet a pleasant one for people who come in contact with you
Learn to love & respect yourself . Don’t be reckless with self
Break some rules
Do a thing that scares you everyday
Live fearlessly
Learn Learn Learn
Observe , Read a lot
Dream a new Dream, work towards it
Play music 🎶
Reflect everyday
An attitude of Gratitude is the path to blissful living


Invited to Moderate #IHRChat and as Curator of the Month

Dear Friends, You are all welcome to Join me on twitter as I moderate an important discussion on @Ihr_chat on  25 Nov, Wed 7 PM IST on mental & emotional well being at workplace ‪#‎Ihrchat‬

If you missed the chat, here are the Insights and Storify version 

The Powerful Woman

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Do you think an average  Women in India  feel as powerful after making the choices that she makes ? Her Life revolves around her Family, Kids, Home, Husband, Work/ Career . There is too much on her plate. And on top of that we expect them to feel Powerful too . Is it not asking for too much ?

Power is not about holding a Top Executive position at a Corporate . Power comes from strength within. Power comes from doing the right things and doing the things right. To me the Life story of an average Woman is as inspiring as Sheryl Sandberg or Kiran Majumdar or Indira Nooyi. She expresses herself  through the choices that she makes.  A Woman  delicately balances the demands of work and home without complaining a bit. She exudes confidence and charisma both.

Research shows that everyone does better when women share the reins of power. Ms Sandberg and Mr Grant wrote in their New York times Op-ed : “Start-ups led by women are more likely to succeed; innovative firms with more women in top management are more profitable; and companies with more gender diversity have more revenue, customers, market share and profits.”  This is a very strong case for Gender Equality. Do we perceive a powerful woman as threatening or aspirational, but normal ?

New Global Study Finds Women Making Hard Choices in an Increasingly Complex World. The research, which spans four countries, finds that women crave financial security over being rich, quality of life over longevity, family closeness over satisfying her own needs, and sleep or technology over sex. Sleep Over Sex and Privacy Over Sharing Are Among the Surprising Findings from the study.

May each Woman be what she aspires to be. Be it CEO of the household or CEO of an MNC. In either case, She will remain as Powerful and Graceful as she chooses to be. 

What HR needs today ?

What HR needs today ?  

What does HR need today ?

In the complex environment that Business Leaders operate in, HR needs the Right Mindset & Velocity – The ability to move at a fast pace yet deliver the results and make an impact. HR needs Innovation. When was the last time when you heard of a truly innovative HR practice?
My big idea is that the world of HR today needs Intraprenuers. So, who are Intrapreneurs , what are their characteristics and what do they do ?
Intraprenuership is the act of behaving like an Enterprenuer while working for a large organization. Intrapreneurship is known as the practice of a corporate management style that integrates risk-taking and innovation approaches, as well as the reward and motivational techniques, that are more traditionally thought of as being the province of entrepreneurship. – Wikipedia

Your company’s culture is your Brand. What does the culture of your company signify ? Do employees feel empowered to take risks and innovate ? Or do they wait for permission from formal authorities and chain management ? That is truly telling of a company’s culture.
What is the collective response to failed projects in the organization? That determines Talent attitude to try things until successful, learning from failures, attempting to conserve resources and become an intraprenuer.
Intraprenuers are self motivated individuals , creative and risk takers. Intraprenuers think and behave like owners. For entrepreneurial types, the increase in red-tape and bureaucracy in a large organization can be unbearable. They are always looking for new, better and smarter way of doing things in a large organization.
Some of the typical characteristics of intraprenuers –

  1. They embrace failures and mistakes.
  2. They are looking for newer ideas.
  3. They are always learning and always curious
  4. Money isn’t their primary motivator
  1. They aren’t afraid to ask questions.

Intel has a tradition of implementing intrapreneurship. Google is also known to be intrapreneur friendly, allowing their employees to spend up to 20% of their time to pursue projects of their choice.

Nurturing Intrepreneurs
If you are interested in tapping into the potential of your intrapreneurs to foster innovation in your organization , then HR needs to do this – Acknowledge, Identify, Welcome their ideas, Give them a chance and Forgive them for mistakes or failures.
They are driven by the need to create something new and better and create a better world. After all , that’s how innovation would take place in HR .

P.S – I am going to be at SHRM India Annual Conference, the most exciting and premier HR event in India. The Theme- Velocity – Speed of Execution and Focus in Business is exactly what HR needs today. Hope to see you there too.

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Invited to speak on Networking for Women – Discover your Gifts and then Offer your Gifts to the World

People paid to Listen to me 🙂 My First

It is not what you know, it is about who you know
Networking is all about meaningful connections.
Don’t think of success in life only in terms of money and power but also fulfillment and meaningful relationships and connections in life
Successful people are part of diverse networks
In a world that speaks too much and hardly anyone listens, We all are starved for attention
Technology makes our lives hyper connected but humans feel isolated more than ever.
Use technology to make the right and meaningful connections.
3 types of People- Takers, Matchers, Givers – Be the Giver kind. It is the Givers who in the long run become successful in Life.
Network with a Strategic intent.
Become more proactive and selective about how you spend your #time,
Understand your anchor system, core values.
Personal Branding and Networking go hand in hand
Personal Branding is the most effective process to communicate your value
The powerful positive clear idea what comes to mind when people think of you.
Be YourSelf for everyone else is already taken – Oscar Wilde 
Stay Authentic ,  Identify your strengths ,what makes you unique.
Do you know your mix – Talent, Values, Passion, Strength, Ideals,  Experience
Discover your gifts and then offer your gifts to the world

Top Trends in Leadership Development in 2015

So, I reached out to my PLN ( Personal Learning Network ) on Twitter to find out what are the Top Trends in Leadership Development in 2015.

Here are the responses from Twitterati , HR Experts and HR Leaders . Twitter rocks.