Social Influence Measurement

Can Social Influence Measurement systems  help  identify who influences whom internally or externally / inside or outside the organization leveraging the big data from the Social chatter that goes on in Social media space ? For example – If I retweet you or repost your status update , does Social Pulse infer that You influence me ? But what if same content gets shared multiple times on a social platform without attribution to the person who originally posted it or shared it ? Would Social Pulse identify who discovered and  shared the content first and determine influence ? Or Is Influence as a measure independent of who shares what / whose content & relies totally on engagement levels generated as a result of activities on Social platforms ? Social Capital and Social Influence –  are mutually exclusive ? Not yet , perhaps.Will Klout and Kred such companies gain prominence as Social Influence Analytics companies ?

Succintly Social

It is about

1. Deep Rooted Philosophy
2. Culture, Values
3. Transparent
4. Open
5. Collaborative
6. Networks and Relationships
7. User Generated Content , Emergent , Digitization
8. Word of Mouth Publicity
9. Listening, Engaging, Sharing
10. Co-Learning , Co-Creating, CO-nsuming , Co-inventing, Co-innovating, Co-mmunity.

If your product, service, campaign, initiative, program has above features then you are leveraging the Social space . There are variety of Web 2.0 platforms which amplifies and scale up these conversations .However, The best of breed / web is yet to emerge.

Apture : Collaborative Media Tool

In my quest to search new tools to facilitate the process of Learning much more interactive, today i have discovered a fairly amazing tool for both educators, bloggers and learners alike. I am not sure how many bloggers are already using it or how many elearning professionals are already aware of it, the fact that it allows search for variety of media without having the need to leave the site is unique. In my view, it is going to be the next big thing in Social Media World.