On Writing

I am naturally drawn to writers and writing. Is my affinity to writing a recent phenomena ? Not really, probably more than a decade old . My twitter presence since 2008 has only accentuated it. The cure for writing good is reading more, writing even  more and writing it out in open. Of not being afraid to manage ignorance & think aloud in the open. I juggle  between private and public blog. A good question which would concern many  first time bloggers would be – What to keep private and what to post publicly ? There is no one right answer. It depends. It is determined individualistically. I like Seth Godin’s style of writing  for brevity, insights ,wisdom and business context. And then , there is Twitter to experiment with writing in bite sized chunks for easy consumption. I read somewhere , there are more writers in America today than there are readers. I guess, Twitter was invented for bite sized writing and cascading stories in 140 format 🙂

Linchpin ( Key Insights from Seth Godin )

Key insights learnt from Seth Godin’s book ” Linchpin”

Human beings’ biological survival instincts and modern sociological conditioning
have combined to create a workforce of rule followers and negative thinkers.
• You have a choice: You can merely perform your basic mundane duties at work day
after day, or you can become a “linchpin.”
• A linchpin is an artist “who uses bravery, insight, creativity and boldness to
challenge the status quo.”
• Linchpins are indispensable people others turn to for help or advice.
• They are not always brilliant, but they see opportunities and seize them.
• The “lizard brain” is risk averse. Its powerful negative instinct, called “the
resistance,” prevents you from embracing change that it perceives as a threat.
• Motivate your brain’s creative force, your “daemon,” to oppose this barrier.
• Linchpins overcome fear and anxiety, and leap into the unknown.
• Linchpins try to view the world from other people’s perspectives. They understand they
cannot control everything, and they are generous with their time, money and talents.
• They make a conscious decision to approach life differently.


I am one blogger who shifted to microblogging ( Twitter) after spending decent time with private blogging and then returned public blogging. I intend to stay committed to both Blogger and Twitter. 23,000 new blogs are created everyday. Source ( Technorati) . That’s an amazing number. There has to be something magical about this process that so many users on the internet are immersing themselves into this process. 4,00000 posts are written everyday ! Can you beat it…it tells something deeprooted about human nature. Something fundamental.. that we want to share, we want to let it go, at more neuroscience level, our brain craves to give form to our thoughts.

Watch these 2 gr8 gentleman talking about the phenomena of blogging. It explains it all.