Invited to speak on Networking for Women – Discover your Gifts and then Offer your Gifts to the World

People paid to Listen to me 🙂 My First

It is not what you know, it is about who you know
Networking is all about meaningful connections.
Don’t think of success in life only in terms of money and power but also fulfillment and meaningful relationships and connections in life
Successful people are part of diverse networks
In a world that speaks too much and hardly anyone listens, We all are starved for attention
Technology makes our lives hyper connected but humans feel isolated more than ever.
Use technology to make the right and meaningful connections.
3 types of People- Takers, Matchers, Givers – Be the Giver kind. It is the Givers who in the long run become successful in Life.
Network with a Strategic intent.
Become more proactive and selective about how you spend your #time,
Understand your anchor system, core values.
Personal Branding and Networking go hand in hand
Personal Branding is the most effective process to communicate your value
The powerful positive clear idea what comes to mind when people think of you.
Be YourSelf for everyone else is already taken – Oscar Wilde 
Stay Authentic ,  Identify your strengths ,what makes you unique.
Do you know your mix – Talent, Values, Passion, Strength, Ideals,  Experience
Discover your gifts and then offer your gifts to the world


What I am still learning…..

1. Catch ’em young. (Newcomers )

2. Learn how to fish ( What we won’t teach you but expect you to learn )

3. The Art ~ not to loose sight of “People Equation ” while managing business

4. The perpetual debate ~ Great Managers /Leaders are born or made ? Fit versus Flexibility approach

5. Plenty of opportunities ~ ~ Globally connected people’s economy
key skill required ~ Imagination

6. Let’s talk beyond compensation – what motivates ~ Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose ( Daniel Pink’s video on Ted Talk – surprising truth about motivation )

7. Chuck the 3 year 5 year Career plan .Allow room for new experiences, improvisation and serendipity .

8. Belongingness ? ~ Join communities of interest to stay current on an industry

9. Mantra for success – Don’t be shy to ask for help , Volunteer to share your expertise , Help a newbie Succeed, Professional giveback .

10. Leaders are not afraid to follow. Be both a follower & a Leader.