(@rucsb) Open Invitation to Amrita Tripathi (@amritat)


Pleasure to meet you today. As discussed in person, I invite  you as guest speaker to an IBM India event on 20 July over conference call . As you will be in US, would evening 4:30 pm IST  suit your schedule ? It would be early morning in New York ( 7am) . Would you be interested to  share your  Career story with our young women audience who are early on  in their careers (Entry level to Mid Management) . We can connect on a call to fine tune the details  . It could be narrative around following aspects where audience can draw parallels from your personal story for their own career development

1. Finding true calling , identifying where do  you want to go, what kind of person you want to be, values clarification first and then making  a career out of your job.
2. Aspirations, ambitions, dreams .Flipping the burger is part of process in early years
3 Paitence is virtue , Playing the game is important , Making it big through perseverance.
4 Find mentors , not just one, tis desirable to have 2 -3 mentors across diverse fields
5 Finding the balance through work life integration and  healthy habits &  choices

Let me take a pause and ask What do you think / feel ? In fact, it may not appeal to you at all AND you may say ,Ruchi, I have this better topic ? ( Managing Stress ,Women’s Health ? ) which will connect with young working women audience who are baffled with variety of choices and trade offs in their lives.  Let me know which topic will make you comfortable , where you feel you are at ease and at same time will excite you enough to share you own experience / observations / narrative in your own style  . I leave the choice to you 🙂

30 min  Narrative / Story
15 min Q&A

We can connect anytime on a call to discuss and flesh it out. I am just a tweet  / SMS away.

Having said that,  I understand that you have  busy schedule and travel plans, if this is a short notice , we can plan out an exclusive  face to face session when you are in Delhi and invite you over at mutually convenient time period later.

Stay awesome ! Lovely meeting you today 🙂