Hope !

Everytime I see ads like this , it makes me #Happy & #Hopeful.Beautiful Lyrics. Beautiful composition. Thank you Coca -Cola for spreading and sharing happiness .

Umeed vali dhoop,
Sunshine vali asha..
Rone ki vjah hai kam,
Hasne ke bahane hai jyada..
Zidd hai muskuraaenge,
Khush rehne ka hai wada..
Umeed vali dhoop Sunshine vali asha..
Tum ye jis se agar puchoge,
Vo khush rehna he chahe.. 🙂
Jab sache mann se mango,
To khul jaati hai raahein..

To khul ke khusi lutao,
Ye kya hai aadha-aadhaa..
Umeed vali dhoop Sunshine vali asha..
Umeed vali dhoop Sunshine vali asha…..

Social cause – Creating Happiness

It does not happen very often that I come across really appealing ads. Here is one which I think is done brilliantly. With a very neat storyline and message very crisply delivered.
So true, simplicity is usually a result of much complex thinking, it is evident in this 1.31 min ad.Enjoy 🙂