Apture : Collaborative Media Tool

In my quest to search new tools to facilitate the process of Learning much more interactive, today i have discovered a fairly amazing tool for both educators, bloggers and learners alike. I am not sure how many bloggers are already using it or how many elearning professionals are already aware of it, the fact that it allows search for variety of media without having the need to leave the site is unique. In my view, it is going to be the next big thing in Social Media World.

Web 2.0 & ROI

Anyone who has been in Corporate world for sometime would agree with me that more often than not , one of the buzzword which catches everyone attention is ROI, yet it is the most difficult thing to measure. Be it a project on Web 2.0 or quantifying efforts on L&D , training. Here is a simple, yet effective presentation which offers a paradigm shift wrt ROI.
Thanks to Manish for tweeting about it.


I am one blogger who shifted to microblogging ( Twitter) after spending decent time with private blogging and then returned public blogging. I intend to stay committed to both Blogger and Twitter. 23,000 new blogs are created everyday. Source ( Technorati) . That’s an amazing number. There has to be something magical about this process that so many users on the internet are immersing themselves into this process. 4,00000 posts are written everyday ! Can you beat it…it tells something deeprooted about human nature. Something fundamental.. that we want to share, we want to let it go, at more neuroscience level, our brain craves to give form to our thoughts.

Watch these 2 gr8 gentleman talking about the phenomena of blogging. It explains it all.

Hello World !

Welcome to Web 2.0 Learning. After blogging for 5 years and keeping my blog as private, i decided to go public. There are quiet a few reasons to do so.Firstly, I witnessed a shift in my writing from personal ramblings to professional ones and i wanted to share my thoughts on Web 2.0 world which has become my passion from quiet some time now.I am starting a blog series “Web2.0&Learning” , where i would be sharing my views with the world on Web 2.0, Learning and other interesting stuff on internet and invite people to join the conversation.